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«The Most Magical Picnic Of All Time» 

(The Huffington Post, July 5, 2014)



«It is an artwork so vast it redefines the possibilities of public art» 

(Cultivating Culture, July 10, 2014)



«Swiss artists cover public space with giant picnic blanket»

(Daily Times, July 8, 2014)



«Twin brothers have revolutionized the potential of the almighty lunch break with BIGNIK» 

(The Huffington Post, July 5, 2014)



«This gigantic picnic blanket might be the best piece of art you’ll see this year» 

(British newspaper METRO, 1. Juli 2014)



«Svizzera, il picnic è da record: in 15 mila sul maxi telo»

(La Repubblica, 20. Juni 2014)



«窗簾床單毛巾縫成4.9萬米長地氈 1500人野餐創「行為藝術»

(Singpao, China, 12. Juli 2014)



«Giant Art Picnic Enguls Swiss Countryside»

(artnet news, USA, 18. Juli 2014)



«Frank and Patrik Riklin build enormous picnic blanket in the Swiss Alps»

(It’s Nice That Magazine, England, 21. Juli 2014)



«みんな集まれ! 世界最大のピクニックシート»

(Gizmodo, Japan, 6. August 2014)



«The World’s Biggest Picnic Planket Is Growing in the Swiss Countryside»

(Gizmodo, USA, 6. August 2014)



«BIGNIK: One colossal Picnic in Switzerland»

(Mollie Makes Magazine, England, 30. Juli 2014)



«Conhenca a historia da maior toalha de piquenique do mundo»

(Mega Curioso Magazine, Portugal, 17. Juli 2014)



«Frank and Patrik Riklin cover Swiss countryside with huge BIGNIK cloth»

(Cover Magazine, England, 6. August 2014)



«“Bignik”, the World’s Largest Picnic Blanket, Engulfs Swiss Town»

(Ecouterre, England, 13. Juli 2014)